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Do all the things National Beach Day Sail Alyosha

Yesterday (Sunday, August 30) was National Beach Day. If you didn't know, it's ok- we didn't find out until we were already packing up for our weekly beach day. It was the first day, in quite some time, that the humidity wasn't through the roof and the temps were extremely pleasant. We took the doors off the jeep, picked up some sandwiches, and headed into town.  We made the most of a beautiful late summer day - soaked up the sun, took a swim, enjoyed time with friends and family. Later in the afternoon we even piled everyone into the jeep and went for a little open-air Sunday drive. 

Once everyone had been delivered back to where they needed to be, we headed home for quick showers because we had a boat to catch! We had such a nice time on our afternoon sail on the Alyosha, we decided to book the last moonlit cruise of the season. We had been a little nervous as the remnants of Hurricane Laura had been predicted to pass over us the day before, but we got SO lucky! Other than wishing we had a little more wind to push the sails, the seas were incredibly calm and the skies were clear and beautiful. It really was a once-in-a-lifetime sail! The only thing that could have made the night any better would have been a quick jump in the ocean, under the light of the moon and stars ;-)

The Alyosha will be heading back to Baltimore next week, until next Spring. They will be doing trips around the city through the fall, so if you get the chance, it's definitely worth booking a charter. We're going to work on getting some trips set up with them, when they come back to Ocean City, so keep an eye on out for scheduled events!


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